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Welcome in Uylenhof Hotel

Welcome to Uylenhof Hotel

Uylenhof Hotel is situated in the cosy Uilenburgkwartier in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Centrally situated and within walking distance of the Central Station, Saint John’s Cathedral, various museums, the nature reserve Het Bossche Broek and

the shopping area. Uylenhof Hotel offers 10 hotel apartments in recently renovated and restored monumental buildings.

While maintaining the historical elements, in combination with a comfortable, modern and sustainable interior, Uylenhof Hotel will make the tourist as well as the business traveller feel at home. Uylenhof Hotel has a courtyard where the guests

can relax. The entrance and reception are at Uilenburg 24. By crossing the bridge across the canal Binnendieze you will

reach the gate where you can unload your baggage and where your fellow passengers can get off. 


Uilenburgkwartier and Binnendieze

Uilenburgkwartier is known as a separate quarter in the city centre, with the size of a market square. It is an historical attraction with on one hand the night life and on the other hand the boat tour on the Binnendieze, the convent garden,

a city park in the same quiet area where also Uylenhof Hotel is situated. Across Uylenhof Hotel you will find the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JaDS) in the former convent Mariënburg. JaDS is a prestigious graduate school, a partnership

between the Technical University Eindhoven and Tilburg University.


In the crow-stepped gable at Postelstraat 40, built in the year 1650, you find two niches with heads of warriors. The left head

is Ambiorix, a Gallic ruler and the right head is Vercingetorix, a Gallic king. In the top of the gable is a festoon, a garland

of leaves, fruit and flowers. The buildings go all the way to the Binnendieze and are accessible through a bridge at Uilenburg 24. The small building used to be a cigar factory, a few of the original moulds have been saved.

Click on the video below for a tour of Uylenhof Hotel and Hairstudio.




Uylenhof Hotel

Uylenhof Hotel

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